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Koasati Texts

  • cku5009a. 2009. Lorenda Poncho talking about water and wells.
  • cku5009b. 2009. Lorenda Poncho talking about bathing when she was small.
  • cku5017a. 2009. Delson Sylestine talking about hunting.
  • cku5017b. 2009. Delson Sylestine talking about events in his life.
  • cku5017c. 2009. Delson Sylestine talking about getting excuses signed for school.
  • cku12014. 2014. Barbara Langley talking about Hurricane Audrey.
  • cku31001. Recording by Claude Medford of Isabella Celestine Robertson talking about the origin of traditional medicine.
  • cku31002. 2009. Bertney Langley and Ernest Sickey discussing the early days of the Tribe and the need to  preserve the language.
  • cku31003. 2008. Jonas John interviewing Jeanette Langley about baskets.
  • cku31004. 2008. Jonas John interviewing Darlene Dunnehoo about baskets.

‘Text’ files below are for normal viewing. ‘XML’ files are data files (specifically in ELAN format).

  1. DS01. Text | XML
  2. DS02. Text | XML
  3. DS03. Text | XML
  4. JL01. Text | XML
  5. DD01. Text | XML
  6. MJ01. Text | XML
  7. MB01. Text | XML
  8. MB02. Text | XML
  9. LP01. Text | XML
  10. ES01. TextXML